Demola Latvia

Project name: Demola Latvia

Project description: Demola project is an open innovation platform intended for students. It aims to form multidisciplinary teams of students as well as ensure interesting project cases and agile development of innovative products. The project ideas come from the industry (e.g. the leading industry companies, start-ups, creative businesses) and public sector organisations (e.g national and regional authorities) and thus concepts that have practical business importance are created. The students are supported by both the partners from academia and industry that provide professional guidance throughout the project development.

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Project name: Hackathon

Project description: Hackathon is a 24 hours competition for teams of students, researchers and innovative people who jointly work on solving a real-life challenge that is given by a private company or public employer. The teams must possess expertise and knowledge in the fields of programming, graphics design as well as out-of-the-box thinking skills. The event is hosted by the respective private companies or public organisations and aims to promote digitalisation solutions in these sectors. The participants work in teams on real challenges existing within the hosting organisation in order to develop innovative solutions for them. In the end of the competition the teams present their ideas and concepts to the jury which selects the most innovative and valuable solution for the host organisation. Key aspects for a successful implementation are incentives to establish linkages between universities/students and the business sector, an attractive award for the winning team and a target-oriented mobilisation of participants.

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Mobile Monday Estonia

Project name: Mobile Monday

Project description: Mobile Monday is a monthly event that is sponsored by the Tartu City Government. The aim of this event is to boost the ICT community in Tartu and to foster business opportunities of the mobile industry through live networking events. Mobile Mondays facilitate networking between small and large companies, and also between local and foreign talent. The attendees present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace. Moreover, Mobile Mondays give the ITC community an opportunity to contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence and media partnership. Participation in the Mobile Monday event is free of charge.

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Research and Implementation Fund

Project name: Research and Implementation Fund

Project description: The Research and Implementation Fund is an innovative pilot project that is realised by the Kujawsko-Pomorska Innovation Agency. The Fund invites universities, research institutes and companies from five economic sectors (environment, automotive, medicine, materials and ICT) in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship to apply for funding for projects to activate and stimulate business and science cooperation. The subjects of funding are the purchase of research, the implementation research, the purchase of laboratory equipment, the use of prototypes and R&D in enterprises.

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SPARK Demo Centre

Project name: SPARK Demo Centre

Project description: SPARK Demo is an information and demo centre providing space for the region’s most successful hardware companies from five strategic sectors in the South-Estonian region: biotechnology, food, wood, metal and ICT. The companies represented in this centre are chosen on the basis of the turnover, the added value, the product and the export potential. SPARK Demo offers them the possibility to demonstrate their products and to showcase their strengths as well as regional uniqueness by arranging exhibitions for and hosting visits from companies, municipalities, educational and business support organizations in the demo centre. Furthermore, the SPARK Demo center is a business support structure that also serves as the community and event center for entrepreneurial people.

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