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Prizztech Ltd

Prizztech Ltd is a not-profit business development company owned by municipalities in the Satakunta region, on the West Coast of Finland. The main shareholder of the company is the City of Pori. Prizztech Ltd operates as an impartial, non-profit organization of experts in business development, research and project management. The operations are divided into the following themes: entrepreneurship and business life, attractive business environments and research communities.

Prizztech Ltd is a key player in the world of innovation environments working to improve business performance and competitiveness. Prizztech Ltd has also won numerous awards for its approach and ability to deliver results. We are a member of the Finnish Association of Regional Development Agencies (FARDA).


Prizztech Ltd
Prizztech Oy
P.O. Box 18 (Siltapuistokatu 14)
28101 Pori, Finland

Sami Leppimäki
E-mail: sami.leppimaki@prizz.fi
Web: www.prizz.fi

Information about the RIS3 of the partner region:

Regional level document: Satakunta Regional Programme 2018 – 2021

Web: http://www.satakuntaliitto.fi/sites/satakuntaliitto.fi/files/tiedostot/Aluekehitys/MAKO_2018_2021/Satakunta%20regional%20programme%202018-2021_abstract%20flyer.pdf

Key challenges for innovation policy

Satakunta aims to achieve smart, inclusive and sustainable growth through encouraging community, the pure vitality and people-oriented solutions. Our challenge is that sub-regional disparities in the socio-economic sense are unreasonable. According to the GDP indicator, sub-regions of the Satakunta region represent the highest, middle and lowest categories within Finland. Also the age structure of the population varies greatly in the Satakunta region: dependency ratios between municipalities vary from 1, 2 to 2, 0. Regional challenges and driving forces for the future include a declining population, regional disparity in development, structural change of industry, ageing and a small amount of international growth companies.

Smart Specialisation areas in Finland

The Satakunta Regional Programme 2014 – 2017 is focused on generating growth for the renewable industry and food cluster, and improving the prerequisites for logistics, everyday security and entrepreneurship. Themes included are Agrofood & Food Safety, Water safety, Bio economy, Sustainable energy, Energy efficiency, Marine industry and ICT. Well-being technologies, cleantech, ICT, automation and environmental technologies are examples of regional key enabling technologies.

Main objectives of the RIS3

Smart specialisation in Satakunta: 
  • Encouraging community (encouraging entrepreneurship, social inclusion guarantee for people of Satakunta)
  • Pure vitality (restructuring of industry, strong food production chain, the appeal of Satakunta)
  • People-oriented solutions (everyday services and safety, good connections). 


The EU structural funds (ERDF and ESF), the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) are the major sources of funding for Satakunta’s regional programme. Since 2014, Satakunta has also been involved in the EU-funded Central Baltic programme. 
The Regional Council of Satakunta is a member of the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3) in Europe and a European innovation partner in agriculture and clean water (ERIAFF). These networks support actors from Satakunta when they wish to benefit from direct EU funding financial instruments and programmes such as Horizon 2020 and the Baltic programme.
There is also national funding for regional development available. For example, in the national Innovative Urban Area programme (INKA), Pori is partnered by Vaasa in coordinating the Sustainable Energy Solutions package.

Information about the RIS3 monitoring of the partner region

In Empinno Monitoring S3 project Prizztech is exploring new innovative methods for monitoring the effectiveness of Satakunta region’s RIS3. Project activities are carried out in close cooperation with the strategy owner Regional Council of Satakunta, companies and other stakeholders.