Developing a RIS3 monitoring tool - RELOS3

Developing a RIS3 monitoring tool - RELOS3

EmpInno Monitor S3 project partner Tartu City Government will be entering the implementation phase of the Interreg project RELOS3 in January 2020, where one of their actions is directly linked with the EmpInno Monitor S3 project aim that is 'Developing a RIS3 monitoring tool'. We will be keeping a close eye on their developments in following through this action.
Have a quick look at the press release from last Thematical Workshop the RELOS3 project partner had before presenting their final Action Plans to the Joint Technical Secretariat. 


RELOS3 - ready for Second Phase

Each Interreg Europe projects consists of two phases: the first phase in which knowledge is exchanged and all partners draft an Regional Action Plan that defines the learnings and the second phase that actually implements these Action Plans and monitors progress. After three years, RELOS3 is now ready for that second phase, that will start in January 2020. 

Technical Workshop

In order to make final preparations for this milestone, a two-day Technical Workshop was recently held in Groningen, the Netherlands. 

During these two days, the mutual exchange continued by peer review, from inside the project but also from other Interreg Europe projects. We also learned about lessons from previous cooperation projects by expert consultant Tako Popma, who concluded in his research that especially the involvement from key stakeholders and decision makers are essential to keep the momentum going. 

The workshop ended with a joint session with sister project BeyondEDP, learning about the latest developments in the Northern Netherlands such as the development of Hydrogen Valley and RIS3 in general, with input from Mathieu Doussineau from the Joint Research Centre in Seville. 

Comment from a visitor

Marilin Kroon from Tartu City Council remarked: “The participatory workshop highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the plans in an interactive way. The peer reviews and observations of the partners were the best way to further develop the plan and point out weaknesses. Discussions and feedback were really useful for completing our Action Plans and preparing for phase 2 of the RELOS3 project.


Website will be a reference point going forward

The project’s website at will be essential for keeping track of all the documents that the partnership has produces. It will contain all the Regional Action Plans, all newsletters, conference reports and all other products. 

Last but by no means least, the website also contains the results of three years of research collected by the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies, published in a volume called: “Smart specialisation: reappraising the local dimension”, with contributions and case studies from numerous expert authors. The direct link is: <>

For more information, please feel free to contact Wian Stienstra, Communication Manager of the project, at +31 643 068 985, or by mail: The project has a website: and is found on Twitter: @relos3eu

*Caption under the picture: Participants taking part in the peer review of each other’s Action Plans.

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