EmpInno issues recommendations and finalises activities… to continue two years with "Monitoring S3"

EmpInno issues recommendations and finalises
activities… to continue two years with

The EmpInno project has issued two sets of recommendations, one for innovation intermediaries and one for authorities responsible for smart specialisation strategies. Based on the project experiences and exchange, the partnership provides hands-on guidance and derives lessons learnt for other strategy implementers and strategy owners for a better implementation of RIS3.

Downloadable versions can be found here.

The EmpInno project finalises its activities in April 2019. A short snapshot of outputs and results is below. Nine partners continue to cooperate in an extension stage project. They will develop and test innovative monitoring elements and thereby improve the monitoring systems of the smart specialisation strategies.

  • Each project partner organisation produced an organisational coaching tool to increase its capacity to work with the RIS3. You can find these outputs which serve as examples for different kind of organisations, ranging from internal competence mapping to factsheets on smart specialisations here.
  • In each partner region a RIS3 feedback paper is produced to provide feedback and recommendations from the project activities and experiences to the regional strategy owner to improve the RIS3. Feel free to approach the partners for learning about their findings and feedback.
  • Cooperation among companies and innovation actors led to transnational synergy effects, for example through joint transnational delegation trips or the adaptation of successful good practices of R+D transfer workshops from one region to another. The partners joined forces in the six priorities ICT, Maritime Industries, Food, Energy, Advanced Materials and Health, Life Sciences and Biotech in which the partner regions have overlapping strengths. For each of these six priorities a Synergy and Empowerment Concept is produced to allow other innovation actors to adapt and implement good practices and lessons learned. The concepts can be found here.
  • The highlights of successful good practices for R+D transfer, SME Empowerment and Matchmaking can be found at .
  • Learning also in the future from each other about RIS3 related topics is the core of the network of transnational RIS3 specialists ( The partners stay in contact and carry out joint activities. This happens on a strong basis of cooperation during the project – where the partners discussed about common issues of RIS3, exchanged good practices of regional innovation policy instruments and learned about the smart specialisation strategies from each other.